Was at Costco for first time in a long time yesterday. I went over to the true bulk foods section and looked at the price of rice, beans, flour, etc. This got me re-thinking about the true lower-bound for food costs. Quick Google search yielded:


However, since honey is actually $15 for 5lbs at costco, the actual lower bound of the top post is:

586 - 282 + 15 = $319

Of course you could add / subtract things from this (I'd add many spices), but I find the ballpark number very interesting. Particularly since it reinforces how little income I truly need if I had to / chose to stop working.

If you weren't working you'd now get free (subsidized) health care. So basically the only thing you'd have to cover would be food ($319) + rent + utilities, with maybe another $1000 thrown in there for a year-long metro pass.

To put it another way, if your rent is $1000 and your utilities are $200, then your minimum budget is $15719.